Vocabulary Video Presentation and Supporting  Resources


Activity#1: Synonym Spider

Materials needed:

  • Activity template (drawn by hand or printed from below)

  • Scissors, glue/tape

  • Optional-Markers/Crayons


Procedure for Synonym Spider:

1. Prepare by printing and cutting the template below or drawing your own.

2. Review the words on the spider legs with your child to be sure they understand the meaning of each word. It is helpful to ask the child to use each in a sentence or give examples to show understanding.

3. Start with one of the words and ask your child which of the other words has a similar meaning.

4. Check to be sure the words are synonyms by using them both in the same sentence. If either word makes sense without changing the meaning of the sentence then your words are a synonym match.

5. Repeat the procedure until all 8 legs have been placed on the spider’s body.

6. Optional: color the spider.

7. Optional: try to make a new spider with other synonym pairs.

8. Optional: try the flower activity where you find many synonyms for the same word