Phonological/ Phonemic Awareness Presentation Supporting Resources

Activity #1 - Listening to Environmental Noises


Any item in the home that makes noise or a sound when you shake it or tap on it.

  • A cup of pens/markers/ make-up brushes 

  • A container of gum

  • A jug of water

  • A cup of water with a straw to blow bubbles

  • An unopened package of napkins, pasta, beans o Bubble wrap

  • A pen that can be tapped on the table, a remote control a box o Musical instruments

  • Clapping Hands

Activity #2 - Elkonin Boxes


  • Markers

  • Paper

  • 3 - 4 small objects (example: coins, small cubes, counters)

  • Magazine and/or newspaper picture clippings

    If you do not have access to the suggested materials for picture clippings, then click the link: https://www.prekinders.com/category/literacy/word-cards/. It will take you to a free website with downloadable picture images by category.

    Directions for making the boxes:

  • Draw a large square at the top of the paper for your picture box. You will

    place the picture clippings here.

  • Draw a large rectangle in the middle of paper.

  • Make a line across the middle so you now have two rows (a top row and a

    bottom row).

  • Next, draw two lines inside the rectangle to make four even columns.