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Daily Bee

Try this Imagination activity with your child



>> A newspaper or online access to one

>> Writing and drawing supplies — paper, pencil, markers, ruler


Getting Started:

Pick up a copy of your local newspaper, or stop by the library together to look at one. You can also visit newspaper websites online. Help your child identify different parts of the paper and talk about the difference between reported news, opinion, and advertising. You might also offer some reporter tips, such as how to write a news story by focusing on who, what, where, when, why, and how, and to emphasize the importance of research.

Ask him to imagine what kind of news and information bees would need and brainstorm ideas for a newspaper for bees. Some ideas to consider:

>> Create a comic strip that tells a story from the point of view of a worker, drone or queen bee

>> Write a news article “Conflicts in the Hive” that gives the inside scoop on what happens when a queen leaves the hive and how a new queen is chosen

>> Write and draw an advertisement for flowers that would be really attractive to bees

>> Write a news story that offers travel tips and best routes to take to favorite food sources

>> News coverage of a bear attack on a hive

>> Captioned drawings (or photographs) of a bee in action If creating an entire newspaper seems overwhelming to your child, choose just one idea to focus on. Or ask your child to play newspaper editor and assign himself and you a story to work on together.

If you have access to a digital camera, your child could create a video news story instead.

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