Fluency Video Presentation and 

Supporting Resources


Activity #1- High Frequency Words Activity

  • Improving sight word fluency improves reading accuracy and speed.

  • Flash cards can be a tool used to support reading words to build fluency.

  • To build accuracy and speed at home, you can make practicing sight words fun!

    One activity you can do is to make flashcards and practice saying each word on the




  • Box or envelope

  • Materials to decorate the box or envelope such as pencils, crayons, markers and


  • Index


  1. First, you can decorate a box or an envelope. This is where you are going to place your cards for safekeeping.

  2. Next, write each word with a pencil, pen, or crayon on an Index card or piece of paper.

  3. Then, have someone in your home ask you a few words each day.

  4. When you read the word with speed and accuracy, place them in the


  5. When your envelope or box is filled, create sentences using your words.





Activity #4- Whisper Phones

  • Using a fluency phone is a fun way to get your child motivated to read aloud at home.

  • Your child can read into the phone while listening to the clarity and rhythm of their words.

  • The feedback from the phone encourages your child to make any necessary adjustments to their fluency or pronunciation as they read.

  • This device improves attention and helps children focus on their reading fluency.