Early Childhood  Resources

    • The DECE has developed the Early Childhood Framework for Quality (EFQ), which describes our shared vision for high quality early childhood programming in New York City. Programs use the EFQ to guide their practice in a way that advances positive outcomes for all children and families. DECE staff use the EFQ as the foundation for the quality supports provided to programs, including on-site support and professional learning. This resource ensures that all DOE early childhood programs, regardless of setting or location, are held accountable to the same standards and supported to meet the same expectations of quality.



  • Our Trauma Informed Care professional learning series will be live through the end of December. Please promote this training and encourage any program staff to participate! All staff are welcome to register, they do not need a Protraxx account or to be a part of the teaching staff.​

  • Trauma Informed Care 101: Understanding and Supporting Children Coping with Trauma is a professional learning series available to all early childhood staff through the end of December! This 2-hour training is asynchronous, so you can learn at your own pace. We highly encourage all staff working with children and/or in programs to participate in the series to learn more about stress, trauma, and how to mitigate its impacts. Stress affects us all, as does the grief and loss currently being experienced. Join us in creating mentally and emotionally safe environments as we heal together. 

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